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Refresh your infection control measures

Refresh your cleaning and infection control procedures

With the recent surge in Strep A infections along with colds, flu and COVID spreading amongst us just ahead of Christmas, now is a very good time to ensure that the measures you have in place to control the spread of germs are up to date and implemented effectively.

Here is a refresher guide to ensure your cleaning and hygiene measures are working well.

What infections are prevalent at the moment

Coronavirus is still with us, unfortunately, and cases rise as the weather gets colder and Christmas parties take place. Meanwhile, cases of other viruses including Poliovirus, the virus that causes Polio and Scarlet fever, a bacterial infection caused by Group A Streptococcal bacteria, commonly affecting children, are now increasing.

What can be done?

Review and update your cleaning protocols

Consider your current cleaning routines, including:

  • Frequency - Are cleaning sessions happening with great enough frequency and at key times to control infection rates?

  • Areas being cleaned - Are important touch points where germs are easily transferred all included in regular cleaning routines?

  • Staff training - Do all staff who carry out cleaning have good training to ensure they use the right products and methods to ensure cleaning is carried out effectively?

  • Record keeping - Are you keeping good records of what areas have been cleaned, when and who cleaned them?

  • Equipment and cleaning products used. Are the cleaning products that you are using suitable to prevent current infections that are prevalent? Is the equipment in need of updating and is the storage and cleaning and maintenance of the cleaning equipment adequate?

Some products such as AX Ultra (below) are proven to be virucidal, disinfecting surfaces from viruses such as Coronavirus as well as bacteria. This can be used on common touch points as well as food preparation areas

AX ULTRA Virucidal/Bactericidal disinfectant, 750ml, £3.13

Once you have identified any improvements, keep a record of measures taken to reduce risk of infections.

Include training, updates to processes and new equipment or cleaning products you have implemented.

Review hand hygiene measures

Ensure that hand washing facilities and hand sanitizing stations are readily available to staff and customers. Soap and warm water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer can destroy Strep A bacteria as well as coronavirus and flu viruses, so ensure hand cleaning areas are kept clean and well stocked with soap and hand sanitizer. Also, ensure that the means for hand drying is effective and working properly.

See our blog about options for hand drying and the effectiveness of different methods here:

You can also see our guide to PPE for flu season here:

Our team are always happy to help with solutions that suit your needs. Call our sales team 01726 74264 or email for advice and information.


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