A guide to PPE for flu season

With ordinary flu, continued COVID infections and not to mention the new Omnicron variant, it’s more important than ever to ensure that staff and customers are well protected from viral infections. Here are some helpful tips and products to ensure you have the best protection in place to suit your needs.

How does flu spread?

The measures you introduce to protect against COVID are also helpful in protecting against the flu for the following reasons.

Traditionally, influenza viruses, just like COVID have been thought to spread from person to person primarily through large-particle respiratory droplet transmission (e.g., when an infected person coughs or sneezes nearby).

Social distancing measures are helpful because droplets generally travel only short distances (approximately 6 feet or less) through the air.

Cleaning common touch points and regular hand cleaning is also useful because indirect contact transmission via hand transfer of influenza virus from virus-contaminated surfaces or objects to the eyes, nose or mouth can also cause infection. All bodily fluids of an infected person, including the droplets from coughs and sneezes, sweat and tears can be a source of the virus.