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Winter eye protection for workers

Winter eye protection for workers

While many employers and workers ensure they are well prepared with thermal and waterproof workwear and good quality footwear during colder months, one element of PPE that often gets neglected at this time of year is eye protection.

Ensuring that appropriate protective eyewear is worn is very important at this time of year when weather conditions and the low angle of sunlight can cause hazards and pose risks to health and safety. Here are some elements to consider when procuring protective eyewear for the winter months.

Anti-fog protection

Eyewear for the summer months may unsuitable for colder weather conditions. Adequate anti-fog protection is particularly important when moving from indoors to outdoors.

These Velor Safety Spectacles have Anti-fog and Anti-scratch coating as well as UV protection and a foam rim to improve comfort.

Tinting In addition to the glare of light at low angles during sunrise and sunset at this time of year, the reflective light from frost or snow poses significant health risks for eyes too, making appropriate tinting equally essential.

UV protection The sun may be weaker at this time of year, but solar radiation remains a major health hazard, particularly for those working outdoors for longer periods. Many people tend to underestimate the power of the sun during the winter months.

Good fit & comfort Making sure the eye protections fits well and is comfortable also means they are more likely to be worn habitually, improving protection.

These Raptor Safety Spectacles offer UV protection, are tinted and also hav softflex earpieces. In addition the rimless design offers excellent field of vision. They also have scratch resistant lenses,

You can see our full range of eye protection products here:

For a full guide to eye protection at work, you can also download this helpful guide from our supplier InField:

As always our sales team is on hand to talk through the best options for you and your business, including details of prescription lens protective eyewear. Call our sales team 01726 74264 or email for advice and information.


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