Takeaway packaging

Takeaway packaging: what's the right choice for your business?

With frequently changing COVD regulations, many businesses are adapting and offering takeaway food and drink. This guide aims to help businesses when they purchase packaging.

We will outline the key health and safety issues to consider, as well as other factors which will impact your business such as cost, quality and sustainability concerns about single-use food and drink takeaway packaging.

Which container to use?

Before deciding which takeaway containers you will need to purchase, you need to establish a clear answer to these questions:

● Where will the food be eaten, at home or on the move?

● If delivering, how long will delivery take?

● What temperature will the food need to be stored at during delivery?

● What size will the container need to be?

● What type of food will they need to hold? - Is there sauce included with the dish?

● What is your budget?