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Your return to work health and safety checklist

COVID isn’t going anywhere soon, but official advice is that workers no longer need to work from home and can return to the office gradually over the summer. Here are some key points to consider and prepare to ensure a smooth and safe return to the workplace.


From 19th July, England has entered Step 4 of the roadmap in relation to safety guidance about COVID. Essentially this means staff are no longer advised to work from home where possible but to return to work gradually over the summer. You can see the official guidance for those who run offices, plants and factories and other small businesses here:


Consider the new arrangements for staff, how they will move around in the building and where they will be working. You’ll need to consider ensuring good ventilation, good supply of hand hygiene facilities, updated PPE and training for all staff along with continued social distancing and reasonable adjustments needed for staff and customers with disabilities. Click here for a full HSE guide to carrying out your risk assessment.


Many offices have moved fixtures and fittings and routeways through the building. Take care to consider how this has impacted the fire exits, procedures and signage and update your policies and training as staff come back to work. You can get advice and support from your local Fire Rescue Service. Click here to find your nearest Fire Rescue Service []

You can find fire safety equipment and helpful information in our brochure (page 120) []


Few businesses have escaped the ongoing logistics crisis and shortage of supplies which has resulted from a perfect storm of transport issues, Brexit and staff shortages. Yet at the same time, guidance is to increase the frequency of cleaning and to make sure there are PPE supplies such as hand sanitizer and handwashing stations available to protect staff and customers. It’s important to consider ordering supplies in good time as a result.

Here are some things to consider when planning.


PPE will be needed for cleaning staff in the event that someone on the premises is found to have had symptoms of COVID-19. It will also be necessary for those staff who wish to continue using it. Here are some of the key products to consider.

  • Face masks

Cleaning staff will also need disposable cloths or wipes.

Soap for handwashing. Soap is proven to be the best way to ensure hands are cleansed of the virus. We have several options on offer.

Where water is not easily available, well-placed hand sanitizer stations are effective at reducing the risk of the virus spreading.

Other items to consider, particularly for cleaning staff and those handling food include:

Social distancing and hand hygiene signage

  • Take an inventory of essential PPE and coronavirus safety supplies and appoint a staff member to do regular stock checks.

  • When ordering, do not simply place an online order or send an email, request confirmation of stock availability and expected delivery dates (by email or phone 01726 74264) when ordering.

  • Allow plenty of time for delays -- for example it could be a good idea to consider ordering your autumn / winter supplies now.

  • Contact us as soon as possible, to discuss alternative options should you be concerned about supplies running low.

Please do keep sending your orders, queries and concerns. We’re here to help.

Tel: 01726 74264



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