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You may be experiencing delays

If you have experienced delays in receiving your orders recently, we would like to apologise and to explain the situation so we can help you to plan for the current situation.

The supply chain and logistics industry is experiencing a crisis situation currently due to a shortage of drivers and shipping capacity.

The reasons for this include an increase in demand for goods since the easing of lockdown, coupled with a huge increase in online shopping. In addition to this, there have been driver shortages due to COVID testing, delays and increased port inventories, plus irregularities in inbound shipping (in part due to the recent problem with the blocking on the Suez Canal).

As activity in the UK increases as lockdown eases, this all translates into delays in deliveries. Many of our 24-hour deliveries (both inbound and outbound) are taking upwards of 48 hours. It is unclear at this stage how long the current issues will affect delivery times.

We would therefore ask for your understanding and advise you to allow extra time for deliveries. In addition, it is advisable to ensure you have a little more buffer stock to compensate for any delays.

We would once again like to apologise for any disruption. If we can help with advice or if you would like information on particular items please call our sales team on 01726 74264 or email


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