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Safe use of Knives in the Catering Industry

According to the HSE, cuts are the second most common form of injury in catering environments. There are plenty of documented cases where people have been injured because they did not carry the knife properly, they applied too much pressure to the knife and many instances where someone was cut because a knife had been left in a sink.

There are a few simple tips which can help to reduce cuts and knife injuries in the workplace:

● Use the right knife for the task where possible.

● Keeping knives sharp. It might sound counterintuitive but the sharper the knife is, the safer it is to use. Blunt knives often require more force to chop with and are more likely to slip.

● Handling knives carefully when washing up.

● Always store knives properly after use (in a scabbard or container)

● Cut on stable surfaces.

● Use protective equipment where required.

● Train employees in the safe use of knives.

For hand protection we offer a premium product, Latex Palm Coated Cut 5 Gloves, which offer maximum protection in all EN388 categories (abrasion protection, tear and puncture resistance and blade cut resistance). With a highly specialised mix of DuPont, Kevlar, stainless steel and other high performance fibres, they also have sanitised hygiene function preventing odour over extended use.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT KNIFE FOR THE JOB We have a range of knives for the catering industry, including the renowned Swiss professional knife.

The Victorinox filleting knife has a flexible, high quality razor sharp ice-tempered stainless steel blade with a unique anti-slip soft grip nylon Fibrox handle.

This 4" serrated knife enhances grip and safety. The handles are of an ergonomic design for strong, positive handling. They are also slip resistant and have a protective hand guard, preventing the knife from slipping while in use.

Finally, it’s worth making sure you update training so that everyone in your company remembers not to leave loose knives on worktops and that they don’t carry knives with whilst carrying other objects.

If you would like more information or advice about the products we have in stock and what is suited to your business, please email us at or call us on 01726 74264


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