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Price Rises

Dear Customer,

You will no doubt have had many notifications of cost increases already, and have seen much in the news too about the global supply chains and how unbalanced they have become through first a pandemic then the significant geo-political conflict in Ukraine. Most of us would have seen nothing like these events in our lifetime, and in addition to the disruption to raw material availability the significance of them have also caused energy prices to spike and shipping costs to continue to rise.

The worst hit industry is the paper industry due to its high energy requirements. We have had consecutive price rises of 10% and 20% alone this year, and many paper mills in Europe have closed thus further impacting availability. We are pleased to say however, that good relations with vertically integrated manufacturers who control their own supply from pulp to finished product does give us a level of security which is vital for you as our valued clients.

Through these challenging times we believe we have maintained our service at a high level, working with many of you on a daily basis to minimise disruption and provide solutions. Now it is time to implement an increase to our list prices – something we have managed to hold off doing through careful management of stock, our supply chain and sourcing – to enable us to continue to provide the service you have become accustomed to. This is the responsible thing to do and means we stay sustainable and able to support you into the future, moving forwards as a positive enabler of strong and agile supply.

The average increase is between 5 and 6%, though paper prices as explained already will rise an initial 12%, to be reviewed at the end of June. These prices take effect on the 23rd May.

If they have contacted you already your account manager will be in touch in the next few days to work with you and confirm your pricing. We thank you for your continued support and understanding and look forward to moving forwards together.

Ian Munn - General Manager CIS


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