New innovations in PPE footwear

The days when safety footwear meant steel toe-capped boots are well and truly over. Modern safety footwear utilizes lighter synthetic materials which are strong and resilient enough to offer high standards of protection. Design has changed to improve both comfort and to reduce the likelihood of repetitive strain injury and foot fatigue. There has also been a move towards more sporty, trainer-style footwear which is suitable in a wider range of situations.

Here are some innovations in safety footwear to consider when making your next purchase.

Shock absorbent soles

Modern materials for making the soles safety footwear are far more shock absorbent than previously. Materials such as Phylon are manufactured using compression technology, and the results are synthetic products that are soft yet shock absorbent, perfect to cushion footwear so workers experience less stress and damage to the delicate joints in the foot and can stay on their feet for longer with less discomfort.

These Surf Safety Trainer Shoes by Giasco are non-metallic, and use Microwash material and 3D fabric. The Microwash material means that perspiration can evaporate, and the material is durable when washed with detergents (not in the washing machine!). The.3D technology means these are a fully injected polyurethane tridensity shoe which offers maximum comfort and softness in the sole while maintaining excellent durability and protection -- great for those who spend lots of hours on their feet.

Surf Safety Trainer Shoe, Black/orange, Various Sizes, £59.66