Gloves and hand protection for cold and wet weather

Making sure hands are well protected against the cold and the rain is important to keep staff well, alert and healthy. Here is a guide to what to look for in good-quality gloves.

Protection from the cold

When seeking gloves and hand protection specifically for cold conditions, the EN511 safety standard is important to look out for. This safety standard assures a good measure of protection from cold conditions, and is therefore ideal not just for those working outside in cold weather but also for those working in the food industry where they are exposed to freezers or refrigerated environments.

In the safety tests designed to measure this safety standard, the insulation properties of the glove are tested and also how long it takes for water to permeate the glove.

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Waterproof gloves

Of course one of the key issues with our current weather is there is a lot of rain. As well as making hands colder and resulting in an overall drop in body temperature, hands are slippery when wet and frequent exposure to water can cause skin conditions such as eczema.

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