Choosing the correct Chopping Boards & Tables

For commercial food businesses, choosing the right chopping boards is important in helping to maintain high standards of safety and food hygiene and in ensuring costs for replacement equipment is kept to a minimum.

In this guide we’ll outline the options from color-coded sets which help to avoid cross-contamination, to wooden and plastic boards and tables, along with offering tips to help you ensure your boards and tables are kept in good repair.

Colour Chopping Boards

Plastic colour-coded chopping boards help avoid cross-contamination of food in your kitchen. Although individual businesses may have their own systems, in common practice there are six different colour-coded chopping boards which are often matched with food groups that are recommended by the">

Food Standards Agency in the UK.

WHITE - Bakery and dairy products.

YELLOW - Cooked meats.

BROWN - Root vegetables such as potatoes, parsnips or turnips.