Choosing Hi Vis workwear for winter and cold environments

The combination of poor light, darker evenings and bad weather increase risks to worker safety considerably during the winter months. Add to that the fact that studies show that accident frequency increases by 35% in extremely low temperatures and you can appreciate that choosing the right Hi-Vis PPE to ensure workers stay safe, dry and warm is particularly important. Here is our guide to the key things to check when you’re buying this kind of workwear and PPE.

While it may be tempting to use the same Hi-Vis workwear year-round, research reveals that ensuring staff are warm and dry can be as important as making sure they are seen. Workers tend to behave in a more unsafe way and make poorer decisions in cold weather. For example, they may take shortcuts or lose the ability to stay alert if they feel too cold.

It’s also important to ensure that the PPE is breathable to make sure workers who are exerting themselves keep their body at the right temperature.

Key qualities to look out for when buying Hi Vis PPE for cold weather:

Does the PPE have the right level of visibility for the work being carried out?