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A guide to safety helmet accessories

Depending on the environment and task at hand, there are some very helpful accessories that can be used with safety helmets to maximize the levels of protection they offer to workers. Here’s our guide…

For noisy environments

Sometimes different kinds of PPE don’t work together and one example is hard hats causing issues with ear defenders. A good solution to this is to use mounted ear defenders such as these Sonis Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders, specially designed to fit to hard hats and ideal for use on loud construction or works sites.

Sonis 1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders, £18.25 []

For low light / roadside environments

Be seen at all times, give your helmet a hi-vis makeover with this Centurion sticker set, dramatically increasing visibility in reflected lights. Other sets are also available for different helmet brands

For daylight or colder conditions you can get accessories like this JSP Hi Vis helmet liner

Need eye protection?

It’s easy to put down safety specs so they’re not there when you need them. These helpful dropdown EVOspec eye protectors can be fitted to the safety helmet so they are always with you. They’re are compatible with EVOLite and EVO3 safety helmets. There’s also a helpful guide to fitting them safely: Fitting an EVOSpec® to a JSP safety helmet - EVOlite®/EVO3®

You can find general advice on hard hats at the Health and Safety Executive website here:

Our team are also happy to talk you through products that might suit your needs.

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