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A guide to cleaning vehicles

A guide to cleaning vehicles

Wash away the winter blues now is the time to give vehicles a spring clean.

Using the right products and equipment can not only ensure that commercial vehicles are clean and give a good impression, it can also help to reduce wear and tear and reduce repair costs, and improve vehicle safety.

Here’s our guide…

Step 1: Prewash

When cleaning commercial vehicles, it’s not only important to achieve high standards of cleaning but to do so efficiently. A key step in cleaning a commercial vehicle is the pre-wash. Usually this involves washing down the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner.

Our Magnum Force Traffic Film Remover is suitable for use with pressure washers and is a good product to help remove layers of traffic film, grease and dirt, including built-up grease in the engine department.

Step 2: The main wash

Once the initial dirt and grease is washed away, the main wash generally involves a more thorough clean using appropriate brushes and more powerful foam or shampoo.

When it comes to brushes, selecting the right firmness, softness and shape is vital to ensure that you can clean all areas of the vehicle effectively. Our Vikan VTS Transport Starter System contains the core items needed, including a longer handled vehicle brush, an all-round Vehicle Brush for small areas, a waterfed vehicle brush, waterfed, for use with a pressure washer 250 mm, a rim brush for wheels, and an aluminium telescopic waterfed handle with click-fit -- ideal to ensure you can reach all areas of the vehicle.

Making sure you use the right cleaning products is important too. We stock a range of vehicle cleaning products, including a cleaning agent design especially for alloy wheels.

Step 3: Polish and wax

Once the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried, waxing and polishing the vehicle is a step that can help to protect from scratches and subsequent corrosion from substances such as seawater, bird droppings or dust. In addition, this can make the vehicle faster and easier to clean.

This Green & Gold Formula 2000 Car Polish contains wax, silicone solvent and fine polishing aids. To be applied with a soft cloth, allowed to dry for 3 to 15 minutes before being rubbed off with a soft cloth to bring a shine.

Step 5: Clean the interior

For commercial vehicles, it’s also important to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness inside as well as out. Using the right brushes and products can make this job easier and faster to achieve. Vikan offer a good range of brushes to help with the task including this slimline upholstery brush to reach those tricky areas where dirt tends to gather.

As always, our team have an excellent knowledge of products to suit your needs and budget. Contact us on 01726 742642 or email


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