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A guide food production workwear

If you have employees who operate in food production roles, it probably comes as second nature to think about the importance of ensuring they start the working day wearing clean, sterile clothes. However, it is also worth thinking about the specific design features for food production uniforms that will minimise the risk of accidents and reduce the risks of cross-contamination as your workers continue throughout their day.

Uniform items that are suitable for these roles include lab coats and aprons that are made from durable materials which are specifically intended for food production.

So, what design features should you be looking out for when considering your employees' uniforms?

Here are three key elements that will prevent cross-contamination and keep your employees safe.

No pockets or buttons. Pockets and buttons can trap bacteria in hard-to-reach areas and this may remain on the garment even after washing, so garments worn in food production environments should only have pockets below the waist. Buttons aren't recommended unless absolutely necessary.

Durability of the fabric: This might sound like a ‘nice to have’ but given the frequency with which food production uniforms are washed, it is important that they can withstand a high level of laundering without deterioration of the fabric, as that can create loose fibres or threads and introduce contaminants into the food.

Uniform fit: It is important to think about how the uniform fits and to make sure they have the correct sleeve and body length so they don’t trail and cause a hazard or create risks if the employee is using machinery.

This disposable woven coat is a highly affordable option and is designed with Velcro fastenings to avoid the use of buttons. Disposable aprons provide a cost-effective solution for employees who need to move and work in different areas of the workplace each day.

Gloves, head coverings and beard guards

The type of gloves needed for your employees will vary by industry, but an important factor to consider is that gloves should not contain powder or any materials that can be shed into the food. Food processing employees should be using a mixture of disposable and non-disposable gloves for different purposes, for example, cut-resistant meat and fish processing gloves, disposable food handling gloves or heat resistant or bakers gloves for hot work.

Hats, hairnets and beard guards are also critical components of the uniform to protect food from stray hairs. These should be disposable (particularly hairnets and beard guards) to prevent contamination, but also lightweight and comfortable for the employee.

Finally, it is worth remembering to have replacement garments readily available for employees who need them during the day. If an employee has to keep working with an unclean uniform, they risk contaminating the food they are processing. Keeping a spare supply nearby will help avoid any unnecessary contamination risks.

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